Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Mom...

Happy Birthday Mom from all of us!

Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your special day!
We know Dad will spoil you and know we are all there in spirit!
Thanks for being the amazing mother and grandmother you are!
All your "kids" in Honduras are lucky to have you!
We love you!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thunder Storm in Ceiba September 29, 2010

A Thunder Storm hit Ceiba beach. There was Lightning that lit up
the entire sky! The thunder was loud, it sounded like it was 4 feet away from us!
It was a heavy rainstorm, something we never see in So. Calif.!
It was fascinating watching the storm.

The La CEIBA ZONE-September 20, 2010

Elders Rodas-Tomas-Lopez-Contreras-Alvarez
Elders Petersen-Vasquez-Elison-Maciel
Elders Andrade-Mendez-Palmer-Noriega-Petersen
Elders Burns-Andrade-Mendez-Palmer-Noriega
Elders West-Wendt-Burns
Hermanas Ixcoy & Matias
Elder West and Presidente & Hna. Veirs

La CEIBA SUNSETS September 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Day One September 13
Missionary Birthday´s
San Pedro Sula Zone
back l-r: Elders Mitchell-Rodas-Sylvester-Harper-Mancia-Guzman
front l-r: mini-mini-Hermana Oakes-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Elder Milligan

Satélite Zone
standing l-r: Elders Faulk-Neiswender-Durrant-Osoy-Beus-Aleman
sitting l-r: Elder Zelaya-Hermanas McKensie & Kochevar
Elder & Hermana Falabella-Pres. & Hermana Veirs

Valle De Sula Zone
back l-r: Elders Lopez-Lira-Molina-Zelaya-Diaz-Retana-mini-Garcia
front l-r: Elders Calvillo-Mendez-Ruano-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs and Elder Brenes

Merendon Zone
standing l-r: Elders Farley-Lindow-Pineda-Perez-Carrillo-Chojolan(in front of Perez)
sitting l-r: Elder Mendez-Hermanas Caldwell & Jimenez
Elder & Hermana Falabella-Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Elder Gonzalez

La Lima Zone
Day Two September 14
standing l-r: Elders Richardson-Orellana-Cordoba-Gonzalez
sitting l-r: Hermanas Gil-Villalta-Salvatierra-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Hermana Fairbrother

Missionary Birthday´s

Villanueva Zone
standing l-r: Elders Chova-Zetten-Jackson-Rivas-Willie-Acabal-Chero
Kresge(behind Chero)-Rivera-Rosales-Russ-Garcia-Skinner(in back)-Meda
sitting l-r: Hermanas Mangandi-Fonseca-DeLaCruz-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Hermana Guzman

Progreso Zone
l-r: Elders Johnson-Alarcon-Villegas-Bird(tall)-Romero-Pinto(in front of Romero)
Lopez-Gonzalez(in front by Benitez)-Hofstrand(glasses)-Garcia(gold tie)
Tobar(nest to Hofstrand)-Lopez(in front of Tobar)-Rea(next to Tobar)
Trejo(in front of Rea)-Durfee(next to Rea)-Benitez-Lawrence(next to Durfee)
Munoz-Groten.....sitting l-r: Hermanas Alvardo & Judd
Elder & Hermana Falabella-Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Elder Collin

Fesitranh Zone
l-r: Elders Alonso-Goodwin-Nelson-Rivera-Pehrson-Romero(yellow stripe tie)
Southwick(behind Romero)-Lopez-Johns(behind Lopez w/ glasses)
Webb(nest to Johns)-Sorenson(in front of Webb)-Kener(next to Webb)
Wilson(in front of Kener)-Finley-Stevenson(glasses)-mini
sitting l-r: Hermanas Boiton & Quintanilla-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs and Elder Hernandez

Copan Zone
Day Three September 15
l-r: Elders Laguna-Alcantaro-Collantes-Velasco-Campos-Anderson
sitting l-r: Hermanas Lopez & Alvarez-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Hermana & Pres. Veirs-Hermanas Story & Meese

Missionary Birthday´s
l-r: Elders Macia-Crump-Contreras-Tenney(behind Contreras in red tie)
Tomas-Garcia(between Tomas & Matias)-Hermana Matias
Elder Aguilar(his head is between Matias & Funez)-Funez
Petersen(behind Aguilar)Denning-Burns( between  Funez & Andrade)
Andrade-Elison(behind Burns)-Hausen and Palmer

La Ceiba Zone
standing l-r: Elders Noriega-Lopez(with glasses)-Maciel-West(red hair behind Maciel)
Palmer-Wendt(between Palmer & Contreras)-Contreras-Petersen(behind Contreras)
Burns(in backhighest head)-Tenney(next to Petersen)-Alvarez(next to Contreras0
Crump(next to Tenney)-Garcia(in front of Tenney)-Hernandez-Rojas
Hermana & Hermano Macias-Tomas-Andrade-Funez
sitting l-r: Elder & Hermana Castro-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Hermanas Matias & Ixcoy

Colon Zone
back l-r: Elders Garcia-Peraza-Abplanalp-Elison-Staples(in front of Elison)
Harris(tall redhead)-Kaaihue-Denning(next to Harris)-Larkin(next to Denning)
Hausen(next to Larkin)-Vaquez-Aguilar
sitting l-r: Elder & Hermana Castro-Elder & Hermana Falabella
Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Elders Rivero & Smuin

Pres. & Hna. Veirs-Elder & Hna. Falabella

La Lima Stake Conference September 12, 2010

Missionaries l-r: Mayorga-Goodwin-Pres. Veirs-Villalta-Sis.Veirs-Salvatierra-McClellan-Garcia-Cordoba-Flores
Missionaries l-r: Cordoba-Gonzalez-Waldram-Gil-Fairbrother-McClellan-Richardson-Orellana

ADIOS-GOODBYE to the "old" Missionaries September 7, 2010

Our LAST Dinner with our Office Staff before changes
l-r: Hnas. Oakes & Story-Hna. & Pres. Veirs-Elders Mitchell-Salcedo-Masaya-Garcia
The brighter side of our Office Staff!!
Hermana Story & Elder Masaya before being transferred from the office
THE "GOODBYE LUNCH" at Hijo de Cacho Restaurant
The "GOODBYE DINNER" at our Home
l-r: Hnas. Zelaya & Salazar-Elders Cahoon-Tzuban-Fernandez-Hernandez-Velis-Riasco

Our 2nd Group of "New Missionaries" September 7, 2010