Friday, September 3, 2010

The Island of UTILA-August 27

Visiting the STARS of Utila
This is Missionary Work in Honduras!


  1. Hello JoAnn,
    I keep trying to post a comment so if they are going through and it looks like I am repeating myself, I apologize!This is Alanna Brambila from way back in the day when we lived in Rancho--I'm Elizabeth Sander's sister. Our only son and first missionary is serving in the Tegucigalpa mission. Thanks so much for posting these awesome pictures! What a beautiful country. Elder Brambila loves his mission so much. What a blessing it is to have our boy serve the Lord in Honduras. Our love to you and President Veirs,

  2. Hello, i wanted to add a response to your blog. Our son Robbie served a mission in San Pedro Sula and has been home for 2 years now. He loved it! and our family also grew to love the people of Honduras through his service. Thanks so much for creating this blog. There are families that my son taught and helped baptize. A couple in La Lima named Alan and ?...I can't recall his wife's name..a big family in Monterrey, the Mendez family....just to name a few of the many people he grew close to. Best of luck to you!