Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome New Missionaries December 2011

The Ropers and Elder Hanson

In back l-r: Elders Bautista-Olazo-Crisanto-Rodriguez-Loyo-Hanson-Moreno-Limón
Hermana Rodriguez---Elders Andersen-Christensen-Sullivan-Floisand-Moore
in front l-r: Elders Ramirez-Gómez-Pérez-Ampie-Picado

l-r: Elders Bautista-Crisanto-Olazo-Ampie-Ramirez-Rodriguez-Pres. & Hermana Veirs-Hermana Rodriguez---Elders Pérez-Picado-Loyo-Gómez-Limón-Moore-Moreno

l-r: Elders Sullivan & Christensen-Pres. and Sister Veirs-Elders Andersen-Floisand-Hanson

The "GREETERS" l-r: Elders Jones-Nelson-Ellett-Villagran

1 comment:

  1. It is so nice to see the missionary pictures on your blog. THANK YOU so much.
    I have been checking and checking your blog to see what you have added since he received his call & now he is finally on here. Put me in tears of happiness. WOW, He is looking good. Loving this! It is so nice to see his cute smirk. Thank You Sister Veirs for doing a blog, it means a lot to us Mom's missing our son's. Waiting to see if they are ok. Can not wait for all your updates & pictures.
    Thanks again it means a lot
    much love
    Elder Joshua Floisand's Mom