Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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President & Hermana Veirs

Hermanas Guzman-Tolliver-Francisco


  1. Hi Hermana Veirs, how are you? I´m Elder Laguna, do you remember me? I just wanna to say to you Hello, I miss the mission so much, I have 11 months since I finished my mission and I´m so happy to be back in my country but at the same time I´m kind of sad because I really miss Honduras and a part of my heart remained in that beautiful country, but I´m planning to go back in march 16th for 5 days, so I hope to see you all.

    Greetings and see you soon

    1. Hi Elder Laguna!
      Of course I remember You!!! And always will. It would be great to see you in March! Give us a call okay. We just got 34 new missionaries last week, the mission is growing alot.
      It is hard to believe tha you have been away from the mission for 11 months, it seems like you left three months ago not 11 months. Time flies by.
      Let us know when you are back in Honduras.
      Love, Hermana Veirs

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  3. Hi Hna. Veirs!
    It´s so good to know that the mission is growing up, I noticed the mission it´s going to be divided, that´s really nice! and the chances this week are really crazy haha just for 4 weeks!.
    I´m gonna back to Honduras on March 16th but I´m not sure yet, I´m just inquiring some information. Well, I´ll let you know everything next week.

    See you!
    Walter Laguna.

    P.D: Say hello to Elder Michelsen, He´s my second son in the mission haha

  4. Hi Hna. Veirs! Here´s the news: I´m going to Honduras in April, I had to put that date ´cause I got some test in my college this saturday so that´s why I can´t visit Honduras this week